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    Interracial dating between black man and white wom

    I would never say that a few black women aren't proud gold diggers looking for the next Kobe Bryant or Ludacris when they cruise the partying circuit..so are some white women (ever watch that show Millionaire Matchmaker or Who Wants To Marry a Millionaire? And there's many women who aren't interested in these things just like not all guys are interested in casual sex.

    I think women of all races have roughly the same things they're looking for in a guy, and usually one of those things is a measure of success or a job.

    There's a saying I've heard before that goes "White guy gets the check, black guy gets the sex," men may falsely interpret your sexual wariness as wanting a relationship with a white man but being more sexually/physically attracted to black guys.

    However false, it IS completely accurate to call it prejudice to suspect the worst of a guy's romantic intentions simply because of his skin tone.

    It's not white men that are keeping black women single.

    The "Won't Marry You" line is an especially popular one among black families who perhaps aren't all that ready to embrace a white son-in-law themselves.

    It's a physical trait, not a personality type, and you can't be more or less or a "traitor" by whom you choose to socialize with or marry.

    Plus, thinking of it in terms of “traitor” implies a war, implies two sides that should be kept separate and at each other’s throats instead of humans in the same boat, and I thought most people were tired of that mentality. "Black Women Marrying White Men is hurting the black community in some way"--I have heard a lot of different arguments saying this and no one has made a convincing one yet.

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    From black men to Jewish men to Asian women (the 3 groups who actually have the highest interracial dating rate in the US) people are attracted to the exotic. They were born black, they will die black, it's a gene, it's a skin tone, not a commodity that can be measured and weighed and if you listen to country music you lose blackness and you have to quickly put in the T. It's not a one size fits all mold where being black automatically and oppressively means you have to marry black people that seems more suffocating than a true racial identity.[I apologize for the length, but it's a comprehensive list] 1."A white guy is just interested in sex with a black woman"--And black guys aren't?The last time I checked it is a widely held belief that men in general tend to like sex, want sex, think about sex once every 7 seconds (I just did), and--and this will surprise exactly no one--don't want to marry every girl they have sex with.I am not exactly sure why it is completely sinister for a white man to want sex while it is just regular lousy or typical for a black man to want it. Believe it or not it's about the best way I can think of to sabotage a relationship.

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